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Capital Live Scan - Live Scan

Capital Live Scan is certified by the Department of Justice to electronically capture and submit fingerprints for licensure, certification and/or employment purposes. Additional information regarding Live Scan can be found at the Attorney General's web site. Livescan scanner

Capital Live Scan uses the latest "Live Scan" technology to capture your fingerprint information. Our equipment is manufactured and maintained by experts to ensure that it functions at the maximum level of efficiency.

Capital Live Scan's goal is to provide our customers with the highest level of service. It is our number one priority to ensure that your information is collected accurately and kept confidential. We require that all of our Fingerprint Specialists be certified by the California Department of Justice and that they adhere to the guidelines set forth by the DOJ regarding the processing of your fingerprint information.

Capital Live Scan strives to ensure that your information is captured accurately the first time. Currently, our first time capture accuracy in 98.8% which equates to only a 1.2% rejection rate even while processing thousands of fingerprint applications. This is well below the industry average. Our professionally trained, certified technicians accomplish this high percentage accuracy because of their continuing training by fingerprinting experts.

In the unlikely event that an error or fingerprint rejection does occur with this process, Capital Live Scan will recapture your information at no cost to you.

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